What is a typical meal plan for a netball player?

All professional sportspeople need to be very careful and conscious about what they eat. Whether calories, protein, carbs or stimulants, diet can play a crucial role in being in the right physical state to succeed.

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It is recommended that all athletes who take part in intermittent high-intensity activities, such as netball, should consume between 30g and 60g of carbohydrates for every hour spent playing. This should provide sufficient fuel to for them to perform at their optimum level.

Key things to remember in terms of food and drink when playing netball on a regular basis include:

– Making sure that you consume enough carbohydrates – between 1g and 4g of carbohydrates should be consumed per kg of body weight.
– Ensuring that hydration needs are met – players should be fully hydrated before all training sessions and matches. Being dehydrated can result in decreased physical and mental performance.
– Ensuring there is enough protein in the diet – to maximise muscle protein synthesis, players should consume between 20g and 25g of protein after each training session/match.

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The meal plan outlined below is an example for a netball player on a standard training day:


A bowl of porridge or oatmeal with skimmed milk, accompanied by 250ml fresh fruit juice.

Mid-morning snack

2-3 oatcakes or rye crispbreads with soft cheese (low fat) and a selection of mixed nuts, seeds and dried fruit, accompanied by a drink of water or juice.


Granary bread sandwiches with olive oil spread and lean ham/chicken or oily fish, followed by a low-fat, low-sugar yoghurt and accompanied by a drink of water or juice.


80g chicken/turkey breast with mixed nuts and dried fruit, accompanied by a drink.


A banana and a drink.

During training

Water or isotonic drinks should be sipped throughout training.

Immediately after training

20g of whey protein powder plus 15g of dextrose in water.

Evening meal

Lean chicken breast with herbs, boiled new potatoes, and an assortment of vegetables, followed by a low-fat, no added sugar yoghurt, all accompanied by a drink.

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