Knowing the Duke Blue Devils- A Team That Only Gets Better Every Season

Even fascinating is too small a word to describe a college basketball team like the Blue Devils from the Dukes. Even though they have been out of the 2016-17 session of the NCAA tournament at an elementary level, their past records do not say such things at all. Mike Krzyzewski will never let it go so easily, and hence they are preparing some first class squad with the fresher batch that has already joined them.

A super team for the college is what they head towards to, and in order to achieve it, they have brought in the veteran standouts like Grayson Allen, Amile Jefferson, and Luke Kennard. But only these three players will not serve the purpose, notices Patrick Lanning who himself is a part of the Duke college and is ready to live his life for the Blue Devils. He mentions that the freshmen who have joined the team is no less than the veterans, and Blue Devils are up to give a strong fight to their mates at the NCAA next season. Injuries have always been a part of any game, but that doesn’t stop them from achieving only the best.

Even though the team has gone through a lot of setbacks and distractions, there was no stopping them. They have achieved a feat by being the first team to win the ACC tournament, and this has come by defeating four major opponents in four consecutive days. And quite strikingly, three of these big shots were among the top twenty-five ranked teams to play. Defeating the number 10 Louisville and the number 6 North Carolina is a matter of no joke, and Patrick Lanning Oregon boasts of his favorite team destroying these mighty opponents on court in style.

This long journey filled with multiple ups and down finally came to a halt with the NCAA tournament. South Carolina, who was the seventh seed for the tournament definitely played with magic to have the 88-81 win over the Blue Devils and bring them to halt. As of now, this season holds 28 victories for Blue Devils, nine losses, but millions of memories for the fans to carry home.

When the tournament started, the Blue Devils lacked a point guard in a true sense, and fans believe this was the sole season that stopped Blue Devils from winning the tournament. The trio of Allen, Kennard and Jayson Tatum made it all their way every time the ball was in their hand and none could ever be in a better form than this. But the lack of point guard stood as a barrier in their way of winning the championship title.

But for 2017-18, they have the freshman Duval, who seems to be an authentic and pro point guard, and that is where the team finds its hope. The recruitment has been done and the practice is in full swing. They only aim at winning matches when the entire gallery of Blue Devils fans roars with their name.

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