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The Involvement Of Iran In Syrian Civilian War

The Syrian civil war has been going one for a while now and has gotten very serious very quickly. The country has seen a lot of civilian deaths and destruction of property.

The Syrian government has targeted the rebel groups resulting in this severe civil war and there is no end in sight as yet. What is happening instead is that there are very many Syrian civilians that have been detained in the Syrian jails unfairly and facing a lot of emotional, physical and sexual abuse in jail. There is debris everywhere now and too many dead bodies strewn all over the place in a place that was the perfect picture of love and prosperity. There are hundreds if not thousands of refugees in the neighboring countries now who have nothing they can.

Iran on the other hand has been known to fund, train and offer weapons to militia and terror groups while harboring them on their soil. The country has declined any advice to stop doing so from the international community. There is no clear reason given as to why this is still ongoing in Iran. There hasn’t been much success in stopping this vice even from the US government. All that everyone knows for now is that Iran has been arming itself for years and that it has heavy and high end weaponry in its possession.

Throughout the Syrian civilian war, Iran has supported the Iranian government under President Assad’s reign. The support given by the Iranian government went a long way to making sure that Assad’s regime stood and without this support, the government would have been overthrown very early. Because Iran was a very strong ally Syria and specifically Assad’s government, she gave her all to make sure that the regime was standing. At some point when it seemed like the government would be overthrown and the opposition would take over the country, Iran got into the war head on and mad sure that this wouldn’t happen by providing troops that would protect the government.

At first, Iran didn’t get very involved in the war but offered to give advice and train the soldiers. When the Syrian government almost fell, Iran tightened the ropes by deploying troops into Syria to go fight against the rebels. Iran has also helped Syria build its chemical weapons. Iran provided Syria their best scientists who built them the chemical weapons.

The arms cannot be transported by road nor by train, the only way Iran gets these weapons to Syria is by air. They have created an air corridor where these weapons are transported both to Syria and to Lebanon. The US government has allowed only three airlines to get these weapons from Iran to Syria. There was a time when Turkish authorities stopped a truck full of arms that was headed for Syria.

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