3 Useful Tips To Stop A Slice On Golf Driving Range

Playing golf is a great pastime and wonderful passion. Yet, when it comes to slice, people often end up empty. Here we have piled up three great tips to help you on how to stop a slice in golf driving range. As a fact, slice is the main fault in most of the beginner golfers and these tips will help you work on them in order to outscore your weaknesses. From driving range baskets to stopping the slice, below you will find the required help in the most easiest way.

Did you know that a slice can spoil the confidence in your golf swing and you can end up with a miserable time playing golf in the court! If your answer is YES, then you don’t have to worry. Here are three tips to help you show how to stop a slice.

Tip – #1

A slice is often caused most by what we call an outside to in swing path. The first thing we can do is place a ball marker on the mat 12 inches ahead of your ball on the range; this will be in line with your target line.

This gives 2 benefits – it can be used as a guide for lining up to your target line, but most importantly help stop your slice. Picture your club head passing through the marker on your follow through, this will help keep your swing path on the target line and prevent a slice.

Tip – #2

Empty the balls out of your basket to one side of you in your bay. Place a ball on the mat; now turn your basket upside down placing it 6-8 inches behind your ball towards your right foot. Now picture a straight line going through your golf ball, this is your target line, the basket should be placed just outside this line.

In case you hit the driving range baskets, it implies that your are targeting the ball from outside to inside. You should keep on practicing the drill till you are able to miss the basket. Doing so will enable you to start hitting the ball from inside to outside, drawing spin to golf ball.

Tip – #3


Get yourself a spot on the grass on your driving range or your back lawn. Rest your 5 iron on the turf and push in a tee peg one inch in front of your club (upright), then place another one inch behind your club going into the turf the same angle as your shaft leaves the clubhead.


Now practice swinging your club through the tee’s, and see how many times you miss both, and continue to practice increasing your best score. You can also close the gap to increase your accuracy, or increase the gap to rebuild your confidence.


If you hit the outside tee more, you are attacking the ball from the outside to in; this will cause you to slice the ball. I hope these tips helped you with -“How to Stop a Slice”.


So would you like to move on with your game and take it to the next level? Are you embarrassed by your slice? You can search online for little help or you can just work on golf balls basket to become a pro.

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